On Chipotle’s ridiculously generous ‘Chiptopia’ loyalty program

 for Eater:

So, someone who achieves the Hot level over all three months of the program (which equates to buying a minimum of 33 burritos or bowls over the course of the summer) can technically earn up to nine free meals, plus a $240 ‘Catering for 20’ Bonus Reward.”

It looks like she didn’t look at this closely enough. You don’t have to purchase 33 meals.

Looking at the fine print, you have to spend at least $6 for your visit to count towards the program. The cheapest entrée (the chicken or sofritas meal, at least in my part of the country) is $6.50 + tax. Since your reward actually counts as two of your purchases to move up the ranks, you only need to make nine $6.50 + tax purchases per month for three months to earn “Hot” status all three months (the highest reward level).

This means you only need to spend roughly $189 (assuming ~$7 per meal) to earn catering worth $240 and 9 free meals (through the course of the program, valued at as much as $100+ if you go with one of the more expensive meats and add guacamole to each free meal).

That’s insane — and an offer I can’t refuse considering I already love Chipotle. Granted, I’ll probably end up spending more than the minimum because I won’t be able to live with just plain chicken bowls for the entire three months. That would be terribly boring. How can Chipotle be this desperate?

Time for me to start planning my Chipotle party.

Author: Stephen Hall

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