If tronc isn’t a parody, it’s depressing

Tronc’s employee memo from today:

Malcolm CasSelle, Chief Technology Officer and President of New Ventures, and newly appointed Chief Digital Officer Anne Vasquez are going to be visiting all of our local markets this week, sharing our vision and strategy behind tronc. They have also created this video to introduce tronc, what it means and how technology will help make our journalism even more powerful.

Watch this video, and try to convince me that it is not from an episode of HBO’s Silicon Valley. If tronc is trying to optimize for highest BPM (buzzwords per minute), they’re succeeding. Here’s an actual quote in case you would prefer to see the ridiculousness of tronc in written form:

“One of the key ways we’re going to harness the power of our journalism is to have an optimization group. This tronc team will work with all the local markets to harness the power of our local journalism, feed it into a funnel, and then optimize it so that we reach the biggest global audience possible.”

Author: Stephen Hall

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