‘Fallout 4’ in Virtual Reality Isn’t As Fun As It Sounds

Leif Johnson at Motherboard:

There’s always a sense when you’re playing with a controller or a mouse and keyboard that you’re playing a game; that you’re popping off pixels toward masses of other pixels. But taking the effort to raise my right hand and aim a weapon at the head of someone who doesn’t even see me? That kind of deliberateness is something else entirely. It feels a little too real, and it made me feel dirty in light of last week’s events.

Virtual reality. I think it’s safe to say that we don’t know as much as we think we do about its effect on the human mind.¬†We may end up shrugging it off the same way we have the effect of video games on teen violence, but this anecdote is at least one that suggests otherwise. This guy had this single violent moment haunting his dreams.

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Author: Stephen Hall

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