Why LaCroix sparkling water is suddenly everywhere

Libby Nelson + Javier Zarracina for Vox:

Over the past decade, Americans have done something that would have once seemed downright un-American: They’ve given up soda. And when you’re craving a can of pop, LaCroix is a decent substitute. Unlike tap water, it has carbonation and a little flavor. Unlike a countertop SodaStream, it’s cheap, readily available, and portable. Close your eyes, wrap your hand around the perspiring aluminum can, and you could be holding a Coca-Cola. LaCroix is succeeding as methadone for the soda addict.

The stuff is so good — definitely the blogger drink of choice among friends I’ve talked to. I’ve been drinking it every day for about half a decade now. I discovered it out of necessity when I went Paleo due to some health issues, definitely serving as methadone for a long-time soda lover. Haven’t really been into soda since.

Would have been nice if I could have seen its popularity coming.

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Author: Stephen Hall

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